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Kommentare deaktiviert für Aniplayer Version 2.14 fertiggestellt
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Eine neue Ausgabe des Multimedieplayers AniPlayer ist verfügbar.Die Neuerungen in der Version 2.14 finden sie gleich hier unten imOriginaltext:

– Format audio DVSM (Falcon Winrec).
– New scripts with GEMScript for convert a file MPEG or a directory.
– Virtual screen in True Color under FALCON (without GEM mode).
– MP3 DSP part more fast.
– Statistics DSP for MPEG Audio.
– Possibility to choice the sound track with some QuickTime files.
– New box for edit the Playlist when alignment is checked (entries for title, author, album…).
– The playlist now works with 3 digits and 256 entries.
– New look for the Playlist.
– Xgem protocol used for display icon in the window's title under MagiC (.SLB from Eric Reboux Software: http://ers.free.fr ).
– The font selector replaces the little font option for the Playlist (MagiC or Wdialog compatible).
– Bugs with MP2 32000 Hz, MPEG Audio tag ID3 fixed, video MPEG, etc…
– And more…

Der Download kann wie gehabt über die untenstehenden URLs getätigtwerden. AniPlayer ist ShareWare.

Link: http://aniplay.atari.org

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