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GFA -> Java converter
I put on http://www.ifrance.com/preverdy/kg2j/index.htm an alpha versionof a GFA to JAVA converter. (This is an alpha version, so there are alot of limitations.)

You can see a converted GFA application to Java applet onhttp://preverdy.ifrance.com (applet KIKTRIS) (Beware: I think that Ataribrowsers will only display a picture instead of the applet).

Note: any mistranslation report onhttp://www.ifrance.com/preverdy/kg2j/index.htm will be helpful.
Philippe Reverdy
Quelle: Usenet

Link: http://www.ifrance.com/preverdy/kg2j/index.htm

Erstellt am 26.Apr.2001 von johannes

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