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It's been a while, so I thought Atari fans could use an update fromSongbird… read on if you're looking forward to new Lynx and Jaguargames!

Distant Lands – Chris Vick is in full swing on this upcoming overheadfantasy RPG, and I have to say, the demos I've been trying out are verypolished. The main game engine still isn't complete yet, but a lot offeatures are there — talking, interacting, picking up and droppingobjects, layered graphics (you can walk under tree canopies, roofs,etc.), simple combat, and more. I'll put some new screen shots updemonstrating these featuers if there's interest.

Cybervirus – This game came to Songbird about 80% complete. The maingame engine is fully implemented and I've not uncovered a single bugyet. However, only one mission was built in to the game, and my plan isto include no fewer than 20 missions in the final product. I have set updescriptions and binary headers for 20 missions, but so far I haven'thad time to build them into the game, plus make the usual intro/creditschanges and so on. I will be hard pressed to get this game out bysummer, but CGE2K1 may be doable.

Ultravore – Lest you think this game has been forgotten… quite thecontrary, the game is in active development. I was thrilled to discoverthat two-player support was already included in the source, so now thefocus has turned to implementing a Lynx-controlled opponent, healthmeters, etc. There is also probably room for one or two new fighters –if anyone reading this is a talented 2D fighter/superhero animator,please contact me (songbird at atari.net).

Protector: Special Edition – Nearly two years after the initialrelease of Protector to enthusiastic fans, Songbird is laying thegroundwork for a Special Edition of the game later this year. Prot: SEwill include a ton of new artwork and landscapes and music, as well newwaves of foes and some important gameplay tweaks to make this greatJaguar game even better. Plus, the game is slated to include CD Bypasscode, to allow new unencrypted CD games to be played on a regular JaguarCD unit.

* Rapid Fire Controllers – More of these should be available by summer,stay tuned to the Songbird pages for details.Thanks to all the Atari fans that continue to support the new releases.Each purchase you make helps pave the way for future efforts, andreinforces to all Atari hobby developers that the fans will support newgames with their wallets.

Have a great Easter weekend!
Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions

Link: http://songbird.atari.net

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