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The Atari ST QuickFAQ
As announced a few days ago by its former author and maintainer,Nicholas Bales, I have now taken over this classic document'sdaily authoring and maintenance.

The new URL goes as follow:


From that starting point, there are EU and US mirrors. However,PLEASE DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO EITHER OF THOSE MIRRORS from youronline bookmarks, as the location of both are entirely dependantupon whatever is my current ISP; only Tripod is permanent.

I have already uploaded an improved version of the QuickFAQ andam currently in the process of reviewing all links found in thedocument. At this point, the main changes are:

cleaned up HTML, upgraded to XHTML conformance, with CSS.
some details on TT and Falcon TOS versions.
new maintainer name.

Over the next few days, additions will include:

Stacy Language disks (once I remember where I put them).
Falcon language disks (once I remember where I put them).
general restructuring to allow for easier inclusion of new hardware-specific material on the Stacy, ST Book, MEGA, TT, Falcon, clones and emulators.
automated mirroring of the US site from the EU source site (currently, only the EU site is auto-mirrored from my source documents on the TT; because the US provider only offers FTP access, I cannot use UNIX tools to streamline the process there)

In closing, I would like to thank Nick for the fantastic job hehas already done maintaining this document until today and forhis trust in my abilities to maintain his legacy in the future. Hopefully, wherever his new computing horizons take him, he willstill find interresting challenges and a stimulating life.

Martin-Éric Racine, IT Consultant

May the Funk be with Q! Author of the Atari TT030 Homepage.

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Link: http://quickfaq.atari.org/

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