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New program : Icon Extract 1.0
I have just created a new program (Icon EXTRACT) for ATARI indownloading on my site: http://www.club-internet.fr/perso/lafabrie/ andon the site of Magic On Line (for the Little Big Competition) :

The installation of the program is make with GEMSetup 2.01

1 – Principle of the program :

Icon Extract extracts all icons of the ICO, CUR, ANI, ICL and DLL filesof Windows in 2, 16 and 256 colors and save them in the RSC filescreated automatically (by group of 90 CICON structures to the maximum).At present icons in 24 bits are not supported. Sizes can be in 16×16,32×32, 48×48, 64×64 and 72×72 pixels. At the time of the treatment, aresource file is created for every selected size. In the case of iconsin 256 colors, there is the possibility to choose between the palette 8bits of NVDI, of the Falcon 030 or the one under utilization for therecalcul of the CICON structures in 256 colors. Indeed under Windows,the notion of color palette doesn't exist, alone the first 16 colorsmust be respected to display the graphic interfacing. Of the numerousnecessary calculations fact, it is counseled to have a recent computerand is equipped of an arithmetic coprocessor (68881/2). With regard tothe library ICL files, DLL (solely with type NE) and ANI (cursoranimated) files, there is first of all before treatment, an extractionof icons to the ICO format or CUR and creation of an index to save them.

The program permits by choice of scanner all one index or only a file.

The program was developed on a Falcon 030 (68030-68882) 14 Mo – TOS 4.02

+ CT2 rev B (32 Mo of TT Ram) with PURE C 1.1 and Interface 2.33. Ituses functions Mydial 2.19 and the XRSRC routines (for files extendedRSC). It's important to see the RSC files created. Many Userdefs objects have been created as for example for funds of screen and windows ofdialogue, rod of progression and button.

Four versions are available :
– 68030
– 68030 + 68881/2
– 68000
– 68000 + 68881/2

This program has been tested on Falcon 030 (68030-68882) + CT2 rev B, PC

Pentium III 866 Mhz (with Magic PC) and a IMac Power PC 333 Mhz (withMagic Mac PC). It's work with Magic ATARI, NAES and TOS only.
All functions of the program are available. In the case of a version norecorded, a dialog box appears during 10 seconds at the time of theopening and the closing of the program.

2 – The program supports the following elements :
– Support of Bubble GEM (in French, Spanish and English).
– Help in line to the format ST-Guide (in French, Spanish and English).
– Help in line to the HTML format (French solely) in my web page.
– RSC file in French, Spanish and English.
– Documentation (11 Mo) to the format CDK Calamus SL 2000 for theregistred version (French solely).

3 – Resolution and computer counseled :

The program functions in all graphic fashions from a resolution of 640 x 480. Nevertheless it is counseled to use him in 256 colors. In onefashion superior there is a small problem of first 256 color respectagain for the calculation of the CICON structures 8 bits.It is preferable to have a fast computer (TT, Falcon or better…) withan arithmetic coprocessor and 8 Mo of RAM.

Future supports :
– OCX files, EXE (Windows) and XPM (Linux).
– In head of files Windows to the PE format.
– Icons in 24 bits.

4 – Internet site:
A list of about 20 sites to download icons to the ICO format, CUR, ANIand ICL is available on my site in the category of Extract Icon and onthe help in line to the format ST-Guide.

5 – To contact me and download the program :
E-mail: lafabrie@club-internet.fr

I hope that my contribution to our world will bring a puff of oxygen(come directly of the Pyrenees) in this spring a few belated.
Best regard,

Link: http://www.club-internet.fr/perso/lafabrie/

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