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Jeffrey Reid Baker Atari Midi Programs and Alternate Classical Perfection
Jeffrey Reid Baker, out of a chance coresponance has released to me several of his previous Atari-Midi programs. These include DR T's KEYS! a Composer/Step time Application with Algorithmic possabilities as well. Tempo Master MPE which allows you to tap out a tempo and more, and KCS TXT a txt tool for Dr T's KCS program. He also has a selection of KCS produced "alternate" classical CDS of all the great master composers. I just created the page . See link below. I would greatly encourage all Atari-Midi musicians to get these CD's and also download the programs. The MPE programs can be used with the shareware version of KCS as well.

Link: http://sites.netscape.net/timconrardy/jrb.htm

Erstellt am 09.Jun.2001 von johannes

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