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New MyMail Version 1.40 (incl. Update of mapS)
New version of MyMail (1.40) at my homepage.

Some of the changes, bugfixes and so on:
– The code for outgoing mail queue is totaly redesigned.

mapS by Gerald Dietze is updated and synced to changes update can be found at:
The new mapS will also run with older Versions because it's checking the program version.

– Added CPS in progressbar for mail download. Estimated total download time and time left is also presented.
– Replaced all the old popup menu code with the new one.
– A missing check of error message added and this solves problems with some mailservers (smail).
– Fixed a bad and old bug that was causing mymail to crasch if there was very long To: fields in a incomming mail.

! !
! This is only a minor part of the changes, bugfixes and so on. !
! Please do read the history file that is more complete. !
! !

Please read the history and docs regardingbugfixes and new functions or changes.

Link: http://www2.tripnet.se/~erikhall/programs/mymail.html

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