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CT60 Mitteilung
Wie heute in Rundschreiben und im Usenet zu lesen war, gibt es wieder eineMitteilung über den Status der CT060 Entwicklung.

In aller Kürze: Es dauert..

Aber lesen sie selbst:

After a long period of inactivity (since February) on the CT60, I'mhappy to announce you that I took some decisions to be able to rout theCT60 board and so arrive to the manufacturing of a prototype. I obtainedtoo that the manufacturer will produce freely for me, reducing mydevelopment's costs.

As you may know, I'm very busy with the design of the new Riored-J, anice 'alternative OS' PPC board that will surely be usable by the atariworld …. But it is no yet time to speak more about this…

I think that the CT60 prototype will be assembled during september 01…

I will try to put online some technical data about the CT60 production,like schematics…allowing everybody to see the effective advance of thework !
'See' you soon.

–Rodolphe CZUBA
4, Allée du Laurier
email : rczuba@free.fr
WEB : www.czuba-tech.com

Link: http://www.czuba-tech.com

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