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Umfrangreiche News zu Icon Extract 1.1

Thank you to all of your help to improve the program Icon Extract.

In spite of my professional work importing at the moment, here is onethereforenew version 1.1 that corrects several bugs and integrate some news.

The program now functions perfectly on the following computers :
– Falcon of basis TOS 4.02 16 Mhz 14 Mo of ST Ram.
– Falcon with CT2 B TOS 4.04 14 Mo of ST Ram + 32 Mo of TT Ram + 68882.
– Milan 040
– TT
– PC with Magic PC 6.10.
– Imac with Magic Mac 6.10.

Advisable minimum machine: Falcon + 68882

At present, make your tests in fashion 2, 4, 16 and 256 colors.

The fashions True Color (15, 16, 24 and 32 bits) are to proscribe fortheproblems of palette and allowances memoir.

CordiallyGood downloading to all and good vacations.
http://www.club-internet.fr/perso/lafabrie /

Corrected bugs:
1 – correction of the crash on Falcon of basis and TT at the time of the launching of the program (screen and keyboard frozen). It was about thetest of the window in first plan that made crash the system.
2 – suppress of call vst_load_font () for the display of texts of theUserdefs objects in 3D. This one was useless.
3 – suppress of all calls to v_curradress () that was useless and thatmade in certain case crasher the system
4 – the monochrome icons are henceforth correctly displayed what thateither the resolution.
5 – icons in 16 colors are displayed correctly in fashion 256 color.
6 – at the time of a new treatment of icons, the selector of file, openup automatically in the last consulted index.
7 – more of crash at the time of the writing of the 10 RSC file (ex:ICO32-010.RSC).
8 – at the time of the safeguard of the RSC files, there is a test forto know the available space on the concerned reader. If the one is notnot sufficient, the selector of file appears to choose another back-uppath.
9 – in the case of an icon in 2 and 256 colors, the icon in 16 colorswho will be created and will be protected will be it from the one in 256 colors and no in monochrome.
10 – test of the version of the XGEM interfacing (> 0.70) for thedisplay of the associated icon.
11 – impossibility to activate the button DIRECTORY by the key ENTER atthe time of a research on a file.12 – in the case where an icon only exists in monochrome and in 256color, the icon in 16 colors that will be calculated will be it from theone in 8 bit and no more the one in 1 bit.

ICL routine ICO to (version 1.1)
– modification of the buffers size (maximum 2000 icons by file ICL).
– modification of the routine to accept some ICLS files " corrupted".This problem appeared with the OSX.ICL file (more than 11 Mo) where theICO headlines didn't correspond with structures dated. The SIGNS.ICLfile (given in the archive of the LBC) is also he treated correctly.

1 – support of icons in 72, 96 and 128 pixels.
2 – support of icons in 24 bits (transfer in 256 colors by recalculation of the palette).
3 – choice of the icon to preserve at the time of the presence of thesame icon in 8 and 24 bits.
4 – two methods of recalcul of the palette 256 colors for icons in 8 and 24 bits:
– method 1: approximate calculation (fast).
– method 2: precise calculation (slower).
5 – safeguard of several files of configuration (.CFG extension).
6 – automatic reading to the launching of the program of the EXTRACT.CFGfile of this one is present.
7 – recast of the routine of preparation of the writing of the RSCfiles.
8 – names of icons of the RSCS files are named of EXTRACT 001 to EXTRACT099 instead of ICO EXTRACT or CUR EXTRACT.
9 – possibility to stop the treatment in progress on icons of one indexby the ESC key. A dialog box will show off at the end of the icon intreatment to either confirm no this stop.
10 – the routine for the treatment of the ANIS files integrates thehenceforth same test of presence of an index to the same name that theANI file to treat.

Link: http://www.club-internet.fr/perso/lafabrie

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