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CD Writer Suite 3.2
CD Writer Suite v3.2 ist seit gestern die aktuelle Version des AnodyneSoftware's Compact Disk Recording Pakets für alle Atari Computer.

Die Suite beinhaltet drei Programme:
– CDwriter V 2.2: Zum erstellen von Audio CDs die mit jedem Standard Audio CD Playereinem CD-ROM Laufwerk wiedergegeben werden können.
– CD V 1.2: Erstellt BackUps von Harddisk Partitionen oder von Daten CDs.Es benutzt die so erstellten BackUp CDs als normaler TOS Partitionenunter ExtenDOS.
– (CDGold) InScriptOr v1.2:
Erzeugt Standard ISO9660 CDs die auf jedem anderen System, inklusiveTOS, MagiC, CDWindows und Linux, gelesen werden können.

Zum Betrieb dieser Programme ist ExtenDOS 3.3 erforderlich, welchesbereits vor einigen Tagen ein Update erfahren hatte.

ExtenDOS und CD Writer Suite 3.2 sind auf jedem Atari ST, STe, mit 1 MBRAM (4 MB für CD Atari InScriptOr erforderlich!) und den bekanntenLink96/Link97 Host-Adaptern, auf dem Falcon030 und dem Atari TT030 oderjedem anderen Atari kompatiblem Computer mit SCSI Interface benutzbar.

CD Writer Suite ist in English oder Französich verfügbar. Alle weiterenInformationen finden Sie hier im Original und in englischer Sprache.

Die aktuellen Features von CDwriter v2.2:
Copy directly from CD to CD, without copying the tracks to hard disk;you can even use several different CDs as the source.

CD-ROM drive supporting digital copy required AVR, AIF, WAV and MP3 fileformats supported. MP3 support requires Aniplayer CD Extra formatsupported. In conjunction with CD InScriptOr, create CDs containing bothaudio and data tracks Flexible storage of your source audio files. Thefiles can be on hard disk or on many removable media (ZIP, JAZ, CD,etc). You can swap removable media during writing Flexible pausecontrol.

Set the pause for each track independently, or set a default pause toapply to all tracks. The pause can be set to 0.1 seconds precision,between 0.0 and 9.9 seconds. Pauses less than 2 seconds require hardwaresupport from your CD recorder. For source CD tracks, you can choose tokeep the original pause found on the track, or alter it ImprovedQuickCreate wizard to automatically create a compilation from manyfolders of audio files, and write them to CD Audition before writing.Gauge the pause you are setting, by auditioning the end of a track, thepause, and the beginning of the next track, atthe click of a button. Orplay a whole track before writing.

Tested on 68030 only Fast recording at 4x on 68030 and faster systems,and at 2x even on 8-MHz 68000 systems such as the 1040ST File Bufferoption. For slow source drives, use a file buffer on a faster hard diskdrive to write successfully at higher speeds Drag and drop to re-order,remove, cut and paste file entries inside a compilation

Printing of CD contents (track numbers, song names, times).Print-to-file support allows export of CD contents to word processingprograms 80-minute CD-Rs supported BubbleGEM support. Includesauto-raising help bubbles

Die Features von CDbackup v1.2:
Write up to 99 backups and 650MB of user data to a standard CD-R(W)disk; VFAT (long filename) partitions are supported create multiCDbackups for partitions too large to fit on to a single CD-R(W) disk addbackups to a CD-R(W) disk at any time until it is full verify that yourbackups were made successfully, by comparing the backup with the harddisk partition restore an entire partition, quickly and easily restoreindividual files from a single or multiCD backup create backups that canbe mounted as TOS partitions, giving you direct access to individualfiles on your backup CDs (not available for multiCD backups) erase CD-RWdisks save your favourite backup and restore options

Die Features von CD InScriptOr v1.2:
Simple user interface. Use the file selector (Boxkite/Selectric multiplefile selection supported), or drag-and-drop from the desktop (ifsupported by your system) to specify the data to be written to CD in theSession window.

For simplicity, you need only specify a folder, and all the files andfolders contained within it will be written too. With this feature youcan specify an entire partition with one entry! Sets of specificationscan be saved so that you can use the same list at a later date.

Creates standard ISO9660 CDs. ISO9660 is the international standard for CD-ROM filesystems, exactly asused on "stamped" CD-ROMs. CDs created by CD InScriptOr can be read onboth Atari and non-Atari systems. Supports a wide range of CD recorders.Since CD InScriptOr uses ExtenDOS Gold for its I/O, any CD recordersupported by ExtenDOS Gold can be used with CD InScriptOr. Further, asExtenDOS Gold is enhanced to support more recorders, CD InScriptOr willautomatically be able to use those recorders.

Supports multi-session recording. CD InScriptOr allows you to createmultiple sessions on the same CD. For maximum flexibility, bothindependent (non-standard) sessions and merged (true multi-session) CDsare supported. In the latter case, identical files existing in previoussessions are not re-written.

Supports CD Extra. In conjunction with CDwriter, you can create a CDExtra CD containing one or more audio tracks, followed by anISO9660-compatible data track

Supports long filenames. Through its support for the Joliet and RockRidge extensions to ISO9660, CD InScriptOr allows you to store longfilenames on your CDs that can be read on systems that support suchnames. This includes MagiC, MiNT, and many non-Atari systems such asWindows and Linux. Extremely flexible.

CD InScriptor provides many options via the General Options (see below)and the Advanced Options dialogs.Supports Joliet and Rock Ridge extensions. These extensions to ISO9660allow additional information to be recorded "on top of" a standardISO9660 filesystem, creating a CD that is usable with basic ISO9660drivers as well as with drivers that support Joliet or Rock Ridge.Preserves filesystem permissions.

The Posix-style filesystem permissions of a Minix or Ext2fs filesystemcan optionally be preserved when creating a Rock Ridge CD, ideal forcreating exact backups of directory trees. Allows relaxation of ISO9660rules. Many acceptable TOS file and folder names are not valid ISO9660names. This would mean either renaming such files and folders beforecreating a CD, or allowing the names to be changed when they are writtento CD. Since, in many cases, neither is a satisfactory option, CDInScriptOr provides a full set of options which allow you to ignore oneor more ISO9660 rules when creating a CD. Uses "intelligent" filerenaming. Depending on the options you have chosen forISO9660 name compatibility, one or more files or folders mayneed to be stored under a different name on the CD.

The CD InScriptOr renaming algorithm chooses a name that is as close aspossible to the original. Performs batch rename processing. If any filesor folders need renaming when written to CD (according to the rules youhave chosen), they are listed in a scrollable window which shows theoriginal and new names. This allows you to quickly see the effect of therules chosen, and change them if you wish to reduce the number of namechanges.

Erase support. You can erase CD-RW disks, with a choice of FULL orQUICK. A full erase erases the entire CD; a quick erase erases just thefirst session.

BubbleGEM support. Includes auto-raising help bubbles.

Link: http://www.cyberus.ca/~anodyne/cdwsuite/main.htm

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