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Atari-Shareware Vertreiber "europe-shareware.com" initiiert Kampagne gegen Software Patente
A Press Release about the "war" against softwre patents was sent recently to the following media:

Le Monde
Le Monde Interactif
Le Figaro
Les Echos
Internet Actu
The Register
as well as to smaller media

You can read it at the following URL:french version : http://www.europe-shareware.org/pages/pr_swpat.html

english version: http://www.europe-shareware.org/pages/pr_swpat_e.html

(translation done by Octavia, only a few sentences modified)

EuroLinux will publish a PR in the middle of this week which will supportours but with also the "libre software" and commercial software players.

Link: http://www.europe-shareware.org

Erstellt am 26.Okt.2001 von johannes

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