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Micro tcp/ip stack für 8-bit Atari's?
A few weeks ago uip was presented. It's a 4Kb tcp/ip stack written in CC65. It can be ported to several 8-bit computers. It already runs on a stock c64 with a SLIP connection.
To see the web-server on the c64:


Now after this a few people looked and saw that almost the complete code could be compiled to be used on the 8-bit Atari. Only the rs232c part from the c64 is different. Ken Siders has started a rewrite for this part and he is already 3/4 complete. The you will have uip+web-server + slip connection on the 8-bit. After this he wants to write a PPP layer so you can connect directly with modem to the internet…
Let's hope this all will be finished soon…

Link: http://www.cc65.org

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