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Atari Hotz MIDI Translator ist Freeware
Die Atari Version des Hotz MIDI Translators kann auf der Homepage von TimConrardy unter der URL http://tamw.atari-users.net/hotz.htm herunter geladenwerden. Die genannte Webseite enthält ebenfalls eine kurze Funktionsübersichtund diverse Bilder zur Hotz Software.


It is now a reality. One of the most sought after , coveteted and rareMIDI systems is now released as FREEWARE. The Atari Version of theHotz MIDI Translator.

I have been working closly with Jimmy Hotz and Accordance Music

Systems in creating a license Agreement and also special ZIPS of thesoftware. The download page at Accordance is now completed, which islinked to my page:see link

This page also contains a Tutorial on how to use the software as wellas Pics of the Hotz Box with many links to other Hotz pages on thenet.

This is a very unique tool which is now released to an unsuspectingAtari-MIDI community. Please go to the page to find out more infoabout it as well as the download page of the software itself. However,you will need to agree to the license before you can download it. Youwill also need to provide your Email address and location. This is forAccordances's internal tracking purposes only. They just want to knowwho is actually interested in this type of software. Lets notdissapoint them!!

This is the cumulation of many months and YEARS of waiting on my partfor this to finally happen! I was able to contact Jimmy Hotz thruformor Hybrid Arts programmer Tom Bajoras (who was the actualprogrammer for the Atari version of the Hotz Translator!) There weresome legal issues to clear up before the release. Finally I contactedAccordance itself, which was the "current" Hotz Corporation. I hadfavourable response, and after several months now , it is finallyreleased.

I am now happy to present the Atari Version of the Hotz MIDItranslator. ENJOY!

Link: http://tamw.atari-users.net/hotz.htm

Erstellt am 17.Nov.2001 von johannes

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