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HighWire Version 0.02 Released!
Version 0.02 of the html Rendering Engine HighWire is now available fordownload.

There have been great improvements in both speed and stability recently.Several little annoying GEM interface problems have been eliminated. Tablesupport has been expanded, however it is not yet finished. We also have aFrench version of the documentation available with the help of ProToS fromthe Arcadia Crew. Hopefully this release will silence some of the detractorswho have been saying our task is impossible. Our goal is achievable, it willjust take time and your support. We can always use more programmers andsupport on the documentation side of the project always is a critical need.Translation support for more languages would be a great addition to theproject as well.

HighWire Developers Group

Link: http://highwire.atari-users.net

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