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MyMail Version 1.54 verfügbar
Nach längerer Pause wieder eine Meldung vom ATARI-Markt…

New version of MyMail (1.54) at my homepage.http://www2.tripnet.se/~erikhall/programs/mymail.html

New in this version:
– Support for Vacation message.
– Auto forward of mail
– Added logging for POP3 (for debugging)
– Total redesign of the binhex support.
– Editable fields is now configurable and can have 3D style.
– Spam filter files is now not included in the zip files but can be downloaded separatly from my homepage.
– Please read more in the history and docs regarding bugfixes, new functions, known bugs, limits and changes.

Die neue Version kann wie immer auf der Homepage von MyMail bei Erik Hall direkt heruntergeladen werden.

Link: http://www2.tripnet.se/~erikhall/programs/mymail.html

Erstellt am 03.Feb.2002 von johannes

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