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Reservoir Gods kündigen Erscheinen eines Neuen Atari-Games an: "GodPey"
Loosely based on the popular Bandai Wonderswan title "GunPey", the RGversion ispacked with new features and enhancements.

The game is an arcade puzzle game with a multitude of game modes. As youplay thegame you earn experience points that unlock new areas, new characters,secretsand extras.

"GodPey" can be played as single player experience, but you can also competein multiplayer head to head battles with your mates.

As you gain experience and open new sections of the game, you will finallyunlock the story mode, an epic quest which takes you to a variety oflocationswhere you battle many different monsters in order to regain your vegetables.

The game features 14 exclusive pieces of new SID chip music, stereo sampledsoundand 32 colours on screen. It supports all conventional controllers includingjaguar pads.

"GodPey" runs on all Atari machines, but requires a minimum of 1MB ofmemory.It detects the hardware it is running on and will utilise extra featuressuchas blitter accelerated graphics, enhanced palettes and DMA sound.

You can download "GodPey" from : (siehe Link)

Link: http://rg.atari.org

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