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HighWire 0.5 veröffentlicht
The HighWire Development team is proud to announce the latest release ofHighWire 0.05.

With this release, HighWire now displays GIF images. GIF support required a bitof porting work for the team, but we now have the most current versions of Zliband libungif working for LatticeC, PureC and GCC. These will prepare the wayfor even more supports in the future. With GIF files displaying in HighWire,work was required on the IMG tag support. There are still some problems withthe IMG tag currently. But they are not related directly to GIF support and areof a more general nature. There has been and will continue to be work in thisarea.

Text formatting was another major area of work in this version. Problems withjustification, alignment and colours having been dealt with. Work was also doneon lists and their display. Not to mention low level improvements on fontsizing.

Bugs were eliminated at a furious pace, with more bug reports being eliminatedfrom the bugtracker site than in any previous version. Small problems with GDOSdetection and redraws were dealt with among others. The final result being ageneral improvement in the function of the program.

To download, visit the download page on the HighWire site athttp://highwire.atari-users.net (see link)

HighWire Development Team

Link: http://highwire.atari-users.net

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