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iConExtract: Version 1.3 ist draussen
Welcome in this new version,

Novelties :

· Support of icons to the XPM format (Linux).
· Support of the DRAG protocol DROP and toward INTERFACE.
· Support of the DRAG DROP and of a file on the icon of the program under TOS, Mint and Magic.
· Possibility to associate the ICO files, CUR, ANI, ICL, DLL and XPM to the program (Newdesk, Jinnee, Thing…).
· Support of the AV protocol toward ZOOM, RSM and INTERFACE.
· Support of the long filenames under Magic and Mint.
· Utilization of routines NVDI 5.xx for the transfer of an icon 8 bit in fashion 4 and 1 bit (with or no dithering).
· Themes for desktop and windows.
· Possibility to see the RSC files in 256, 16 and 2 colors.
· Possibility to suppress the window of treatment in order to use another program in multitask fashion.
· New window of information on the material and the used fashion video.
· New file for ST-guide.
· By default, the file for ST-guide is read since the repertory of ICON Extract, otherwise in the repertory of the HYP files specified in the ST-GUIDE.INF file.
· New files of configuration (incorporation of themes of desktop and window).

Following bug corrections :

· Redraw correct of windows of the application under Magic.
· Redraw correct of the bar of the main window at the time of a displacement.
· Rewrite of the ICONIFY routines and ALLICONIFY.
· Display correct of bars of windows of the other applications in multitask mode.
· Programs is no more blocking in multitask mode.
· Programs functions now in all graphic fashions (1 bit to the 32 bits).
· The allocated memory is henceforth correct. Thank's to Eric REBOUX for the MEMDEBUG program.

Link: http://perso.club-internet.fr/lafabrie

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