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Fading Twilight – Excerpt 5 ist draussen!
Music from the ATARI-scene is going in its fifth round. Listen to over 800tunes from the following atari scenemusicians:

-Astrogenic Hallucinauting
-Bart of Noise / Megabusters^Heaven Software
-Betrayer / Paranoia^Grim Reaper Crew
-Bip / Cybernetics
-Celtic / Aura
-Dizzy Tunes / Imagina
-Dumbo / Big Noz
-Frazer / The Syndicate
-LST / Laserforce
-Marcer / Elite
-Outzider / Imagina^Darkzone
-Protos / Arcadia Crew
-PG / Unreal
-Wes Powell
-Radium / Effect
-Raster / Confusions
-Roz / Fit
-Seabrush / Mystic Bytes
-Sinis / Cybernetics
-Smith / MJJ Prod^Oxygene
-Strider / Typhoon^Supremacy
-VLX / PandemoniumUtopiaDial
-Yoyo / Arcadia CrewFading Twilight Website:http://tscc.atari.org/fadtwilg.htmlHastromil TSCC WHQ:ftp://llama.serverbox.org/pub/tSCc/

Link: http://tscc.atari.org/fadtwilg.html

Erstellt am 22.Aug.2002 von johannes

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