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I am happy to announce the recent launch of our new web site,KlaxWorld.com!

KlaxWorld features all sorts of information and other goodiesrelated to that classic Atari puzzle game Klax. Long a favorite ofmany video game fans, there is now a central location you can go tofor all your Klax needs, and it is US!

Featuring Klax history, slang, strategy, soundtracks, gameversions, clones, trivia, programmer info, knickknacks, and MORE,KlaxWorld truly has something for every diehard Klax fan and novicealike. You can even „Ask the Klax Brat‰ about any Klax-relatedquestion, submit your own „Klax to the Max‰ pics and videos of youand your high score, and purchase „Klax Snacks‰!

KlaxWorld was recently featured in the headlines of AtariAge.com,and we would like your help too in spreading the word. Link to us,tell your friends and visitors about us, and just plain visit us. Some might think KlaxWorld a little over the top, but what are gamesfor if not to go crazy and have a little good, clean fun once in awhile?

KlaxWorld.com ˆ experience the obsession!

Link: http://www.KlaxWorld.com

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