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Neues Spiel von Reservoir Gods für den ATARI ST
"SuperFly" – New Game From Reservoir Gods Released

Guildford, England – Dec 13th 2002 – RG, a leading developer ofentertainment software for the Atari platform today announced the release ofa new action game "SuperFly".

You take the role of madcap inventor Dr Snuggles, on a mission to rescue hisgirlfriend from the evil clutches of Professor Evil. Over the course of thegame you will pilot a range of different vehiclees over a variety ofdifferent worlds.

The gameplay takes place over a horizontally scrolling playfield. The gamemechanic is simple, yet fiendishly addictive. As you progress through thegame you gain experience points which allow you to unlock new game modes anddifferent worlds to play in.

The game features super smooth 60 Frames Per Second action, 21 high scoretables, saveable replays, a Soul Calibur style gallery with unlockableportraits and 9 pieces of SID music composed by the award winning MSG.

With four different game types, five game worlds, an epic story mode andmany secrets and bonuses, there is enough to keep even the hardened gamerflying high for the forseeable future.

The game runs on all Atari machines from the humble STFM through to themighty Falcon. Where extra hardware is detected, it uses the enhancedcapabilities.

"SuperFly" can be downloaded from the Reservoir Gods HomePage:


Link: http://www.reservoir-gods.com

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