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Pünktlich zu Weihnachten: Highwire V 0.1.0 veröffentlicht
Mit Highwire V 0.1.0 released die Entwicklergruppe das erste Release mit einer 1 hinter dem Komma. Die Änderungsliste und Bugfixliste ist lang und umfangreich. Viel Spaß beim durchstöbern der neuen Feature Liste!

Changes in V. 0.1.0 release of December 20, 2002:

– Working implementation of history functionality allows back/forward navigation per window through previous loaded pages and frames (undo/ redo).

– More functionality for

tag input elements. Radio buttons, check boxes and normal buttons are working now.

– Completed Unicode support for TrueType fonts.

– New functionality for browsing the local file system (directory listing), sortable by name/ date/size.

– Meta tag for "refresh" implemented, even if the refresh time will always be taken as '0' yet (scheduler limitation).

– Improved representation of list items.

– More compacted storage of documents in memory.

– Bugs #0006, #0015, #0024, #0027, #0052, #0066, #0069, #0072, #0073, #0079, #0081, #0082 resolved.

Link: http://highwire.atari-users.net/

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