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FADING TWILIGHT -excerpt seven- wurde released
Music from the ATARI-scene is going inits seventh round. Listen to over 400tunes from the following atari scenemusicians:

-Akira / The Chaos Engine
-Beast / The Syndicate
-Blue Tiger / Spider
-Connor / The Naughty Bytes
-Tim Conrardy
-Crawdaddy / Chronicle
-Drus / Redlite

-Energy / The Chaos Engine
-Essence aka Anasazi / Imagina
-Gargamel / Dead Hackers Society
-Goldy / Therapy
-Gozer / Flash^Kruz
-Greg / Aids^Bitbusters
-Gulligull / Dead Hackers Society
-Jedi / Sector One
-Jora / Black Monolith Team
-Laurent Malet
-Pegase / Adrenaline
-Phoenix / The Chaos Engine
-Pinokio / Allegresse
-Paul Slocum
-Solo / New Generation^Apocalipse riders
-ST Mixes / PoSiTiViTy
-Thomas aka Split / New Beat Development
-Tinker / Teenage
-Zigo / EXAAdrenalineArsenic^The Fat Mamoth

Link: http://ft.tscc.de/

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