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Neue Version von MyMail (1.62) veröffentlicht
I have cause of the large amount of spam put down a bigwork on the spam filter this time and added a functionfor automatic sending of spam reports.

The plan was to include more in this releasebut my free time for coding mymail is limitedso I decided to do the release now to helpall of you having problems with spam-mail.

The program is now larger than I ever planned: 150 .c files and 56 .h files. The largest c file is the editor 15688 lines in this release. It takes 60 seconds to compile on my Hades and 3h on my Falcon.

Major improvements & bugfixes:
– Spam filter bugfixed and now includes a auto-reporting system.
– Editor now works on texts up to 64K
– Queue sending with dialer/modem was not working. Fixed now.(read more in the history.txt file)

Link: http://erikhall.atari.org/programs/mymail.html

Erstellt am 07.Okt.2003 von johannes

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