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New version after a large work (1 year) of research of bugs and insertion of innovations. The treatment can be 70% faster with Magic PC and faster 50% with the CT60. The program is free, but it is necessary to ask me for a code of activation. For those which do not know it yet, Icon Extract extracts the icons colors (from 1 to 32 bits) from files ICO, CUR, ANI, ICL, DLL and XPM to safeguard them with format RSC (for Interface or Ressource Master).

Minimum: TT or Falcon + accelerating card or PC with Magic PC. The program is developed on Falcon 030 + CT60 100 MHz + 256 Mo of SDRAM

The program and the list of the innovations are in French. Afflicted, but I do not have enough time for all to translate. Good loading,


Link: http://www.lafabrie.net/

Erstellt am 15.Okt.2004 von johannes

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