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News in this version:

it is now possible to set how long aICQ should wait until a message is considered to be read. AtarICQ will count the time from the moment that the user starts view a contact message with the message window topped! If you temporarily have another window topped, aICQ will reset the timer.

Lots of general changes and additions to preferences for a change. Check them out, should hopefully be logical to figure stuff out. If not, have a look in the HYP.

A verynasty bug fixed, which would make AtarICQ crash upon certain AV-messages. Thanks to Martin Byttebier for patience during tests.

Internal handling of contact data has been reworked, allowing for better flexibility which might prove important for future additions.

The routine for unshading windows now uses WIND_SET(hdl&,22365,0,0,0,0) to allow it to work also with new XaAES.

Fixed a problem where TT-RAM would (if present) be reserved for the DMA sound buffer.

Link: http://aicq.atari-users.net

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