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Thomas of Newbeat has released a new version of ACE Midi. Here\'s the overview of fixes and features for this version:

Update: Mono/Poly-mode was implemented.

Update: Portamento was implemented.

Update: The sound engine was improved to work better with accelerators (for example AB40 and CT60).

Update: All interface graphics were converted to loose IFF files.

Update: Interface graphics were updated.

Update: Mouse acceleration and screen saver settings were moved to the MASTER section and are now saved in the master configuration file.

Update: A small window displaying the names of the currently loaded samples was implemented.

Update: The oscillator OFFSET parameter is now enabled in all mix modes.

Update: A small indicator was implemented in the MASTER section, displaying current number of voices in use.

Update: Parts of the final volume calculations were moved from CPU to DSP to improve accuracy.

Update: The filter tables were optimized to take less space in memory.

Update: Maximum number of voices possible increased to 20.

Bug fixed: Effects settings in the MASTER section was not always updated as they should have.

Link: http://nb.atari.org/main.php

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