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Time has come to release yet a new version of AtarICQ and as usual you can expect both a good amount of smaller fixes as well as some new additions.br>The most appearant change is that you can now specify that aICQ sorts the contacts in your contact list in alphabetical order. Another visual change is the ability to remove the online/offline separators.
The routines dealing with buffering/logging of chat and system messages has been refined, curing a couple of glitches related to this. AtarICQ users talking to people using some ICQ clones may also be happy to hear that aICQ will now interpret also a single ascii-10 (lf) as a rowbreak.
Do give the new release a go, and don\'t hesitate to send feedback!

Link: http://www.ataricq.org

Erstellt am 05.Apr.2005 von johannes

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