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Kommentare deaktiviert für MagiC Mac X 1.2 verf¸gbar
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Application Systems Heidelberg stellen auf ihrer Seite ein kostenloses Update auf MagiC Max X 1.2 zur Verf¸gung.

Link: http://www.application-systems.de/magicmacx

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Kommentare deaktiviert für H2O von EKO verˆffentlicht
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H2O von EKO ist ein wunderschˆnes Knobel Spiel f¸r den Atari Falcon.
Es erinnert einen an das bekannte Lemmings.
40 Levels, 2 Megabyte Grafiken, 10 verschiedene Musikst¸cke sowie verschiedene Bonusgegenst‰nde garantieren ¸ber 20 Stunden Spielspa?.

Link: http://eko.planet-d.net/

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Kommentare deaktiviert für MWheel 2.00 verf¸gbar
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Ardisoft hat MWheel 2.00 verˆffentlicht.
MWheel erweitert den ATARI, egal ob TOS, MagiC, N.AES, MULTITOS oder XaAES, um Wheel-F‰higkeiten (Wheel=Mausrad). Unterst¸tzt werden u.a. serielle PC M‰use sowie das Eiffel Maus-/Tastaturinterface f¸r den Atari.

Neu in Version 2.00:
*kompatibel zu XaAES
*eigener Maus Speeder

Link: http://www.ardisoft.de/Produkte/MWheel/mwheel.html

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Kommentare deaktiviert für KAOSconf.cpx mit Pure C Source
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KAOSconf.cpx – Konfigurations-CPX f¸r KAOS-TOS >= 1.4, MagiC, MagiC-PC und MagiC-MAC in deutsch und englisch. Einstellung von Pfad¸berpr¸fung, Fastload, Kompatibilit‰t zu TOS, Smart Redraw, Grow- und Shrinkboxen, Halt nach TOS-Programmen und Pulldown-Men¸s. Mit Pure C Sourcedateien. Es ist schon etwas ‰lter, aber ich wollte es trotzdem mal publizieren. Ich habe es damals selbst geschrieben und mit KAOS-TOS 1.42 benutzt. © 1992 Michael Schrˆter.

Link: http://mia-net.gotdns.org

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Kommentare deaktiviert für Scandinavian ATARI computer Show 2005
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The Nordic Atari Computer Show (NAS) 2005

Gˆteborgs Hˆgre Samskola in Gothenburg B‰ltgatan 4 (Tram stop ?Stampgatan?)

2 ? 3 July 2005
Saturday, 2 July, 10:00 ? 22:00
Sunday, 3 July, 11:00 ? 16:00

How to get there?
By car, train or public transport.
See www.vasttrafik.se or www.gulasidorna.se (maps)

The main theme for NAS2005 is Accelerated Falcon030 with ct60/63 and EtherNet network card.
Ethernet LAN with access to Internet is available for all who bring their own computers.
Rodolphe Czuba will be attending NAS2005.
Nick Harlow (16/32-Systems) is probably coming.
The brothers Gild will show the EtherNet network card.
Three Atari-compatible Hades computers will be at NAS.
A number of Atari Falcon030 with both ct60 and Falcon eXtender.
At least two Atari TT030, plus STacy and STF.
ASH-MagiC-PC will be shown with LAN/Internet capability.
64-bit multimedia console Atari Jaguar.
Atari Portfolio.

Entrance fee:
SEK 20 per day to the treasurer Kenneth Medin. (Press free.)

Info: Information posted at http://www.sak.nu/nas Mille Babic?s homepage is during June and July entirely devoted to NAS2005. http://mille.atari.org

We can recommend a youth hostel in Gothenburg:
Kvibergs Vandrarhem (Tram 6, 10 minutes from NAS) Seehttp://www.vandrarhem.com Hotel F1 is well-known for its fixed price of SEK 310/night for a room, whether for one or three people in the same room.
Perfect for the family. Located in Frˆlunda, telephone 031-492400. KFUK-KFUM has a summer hostel right next door to NAS, in the former women?s jail Gullbrohemmet. It is often used by backpackers and others who want somewhere cheap to stay the night in town.

info@sak.nu (Swedish Atari Club) atari@sverige.nu (Mille Babic, NAS05 Coordinator)

0762-100934 during NAS days for directions, help, etc.

Once again it is time for The Nordic Atari Show, this annual gathering that brings us togetherto share experiences, talk, and let software and hardware change owners.It is now the eleventh year in a row that NAS manifests. We really hope that allexpectations will be fulfilled and everyone can express their interest for Atari.As was the case the previous two years, NAS is again scheduled a weekend in thevacation month of July.

One large room will host any commercial stands, plus demonstrations by programmersand other Atari friends. Many different models of Atari and compatibles will be shown.

The largest room will host lectures and exhibitor demonstrations of applications,system software, games, and hardware solutions.

Other activities will include small competitions of different kinds. It has not yetbeen determined which, though likely at least one classic game on an Atari will figure in some way.
Refreshments available on site will consist of soda in cans and coffee.
The event is located in a school, so everyone is expected to follow the rules ofconduct that apply to these premises.

Svenska Atariklubben
In‰gogatan 12 (c/o Medin)
418 74 Gothenburg

Link: http://mille.atari.org

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