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"Clogged Up" is a puzzle game for the Atari ST.
You play Clark the clog, dutch footwear with attitude!.
Using the power of your head and fingers, you will have to maneuver yourself past a series of obstacles to escape each level.
Based on Binary Arts classic series of games, Clogged Up will give you hours of brain based fun.
With seven unique worlds to explore, thumping MSG tunes rinsing out the airwaves and tasty graphs from Sh3, Sarah and Exocet this is a funky feast for your eyes and ears.
Grab a friend (or enemy), shout "Let's Battle!", and fight it out in the hectic multiplayer mode.
With multiple loscore tables and stats galore, "Clogged Up" will win the hearts and minds of the anorak massive.
1st Place winner at Outline 2004 party.
Shoes life.

Link: http://www.reservoir-gods.com/clog.htm

Erstellt am 24.Aug.2005 von johannes

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