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Kommentare deaktiviert für Neues Release auf der NAS: AtarICQ 0.173
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Auf der Nordic Atari Show wurde eine neue Version (0.173) von AtarICQ vorgestellt. Die wesentlichen Änderungen:

  • Program license changed to freeware (read more in HYP)
    NOTE: Naggings and registration procedure are completely removed.
  • A bug that caused RSC objects to be positioned wrongly under MagiC (only when the 3d-rendering of objects disabled), has been fixed.
  • There was a bug in the popup menu for opening TABs (CTRL+T), which would result in offline AIM users being listed as offline ICQ users in this popup.
  • If the width of contact window was set lower than 100 pixels, the width would be adjusted to 100 at next relaunch of the program. (NOTE: Smallest allowed width is now set to 40 pixels!)
  • A number of visual and functional glitches regarding the contact list behaviour, redraws and its sliders has been fixed.
  • Several stability issues have been resolved, especially involving the log on procedure as well as contacts going online/offline.
  • A bug in the text buffer management has been fixed. The bug would prevent the text buffer from being limited to the value specified in „scrollback“.
  • AtarICQ now remembers the path of the texture files next time you call the file selector to specify a new background image for contact list.
  • AtarICQ will keep track of which TABs were open upon the time of termination, and make sure they are there on next launch of the program.


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