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Auf Wunsch von Simon Yardley reiche ich die News mal hierher weiter. In der kurzen Zusammenfassung, es handelt sich um einen neuen optimierten Port von Doom für Atari Falcon 030 ohne Beschleuniger.

In case you’ve missed the news Douglas Little has released an ‚alpha‘ version of BadMooD, a fully playable Doom conversion enhanced for Falcon030. 

You’ll need the WAD file(s) from the original game but the BadMooD binary download is hosted here:


The game requires a stock (unaccelerated) Falcon030 with 14 MB of RAM. 

As it’s the first release there are some features to be implemented, some bugs and a wish list too! 

If you have programming or graphics experience and would like to help then please step forward! 
Source will be released, but probably not for a month or two while things are tidied up. 
A BadMooD specific level with enhanced graphics is possible. 

See the download binary for more Readme information.

Erstellt am 20.Jan.2014 von Matthias Arndt

3 Antworten

  1. Simon sagt:

    v0.2 of the alpha release has been released tonight.

    Checkout the website for the downloads – http://devilsdoorbell.com/ and also the bugs fixed are available http://devilsdoorbell.com/bugs/.

  2. Simon sagt:

    A CT63/68060 alpha version of the BadMooD Doom game has been released today. It does have some glitches like random freezing and is still locked to 12 tics/12FPS. Download via http://devilsdoorbell.com

  3. Simon sagt:

    The first beta of BadMooD has been released today. It was first shown at Silly Venture 2k14 this weekend. Download via http://devilsdoorbell.com

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