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FADING TWILIGHT -excerpt four- is OUT!
Music from the ATARI-scene is going in its fourth round. Listen to over 1000tunes from the following atari scenemusicians:

BabyDee / Effect
Baggio / Wildfire
Drax & Bern / Bodenstaendig 2000
D-Force / Fun
Gmx / Satantronic
Ice / Depression
Iso / Sentry^Axis
Dave, Ryan, Simon & Derek / Trideja
Mr. Future / Paranoia
Scavenger / Synergy
Sparehead 3 / Reservoir Gods
Tarzan Boy / Stax
Toodeloo / Dead Hackers Society
Tyan / Stax
Xtream / TooNS

Fading Twilight Website:

Hastromil TSCC WHQ:ftp://llama.serverbox.org/pub/tSCc/

Link: http://tscc.atari.org/fadtwilg.html

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